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Leo is about to announce a major new series on BBC Radio 2 which will be on air at the start of June...check Press for details...

Leo is back on BBC Radio 2 on Feb 23 & 24...

Following the passing of the great Ervin Drake, BBC Radio 2 are repeating the two shows as a tribut to the great man.


Further programme details are availible HERE

Leo's recent Radio 2 series "Too Late To Stop Now - The Van Morrison Story" is currently availible on the BBC i-Player

Leo's recent Radio 2 show celebrating Ella Fitzgerald is now available on the BBC i-Player...

"Leo Green Presents: Ella & The Songbooks"

Written & Presented by Leo Green

For BBC Radio 2


Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Ella's final 'Song Book' recordings, musician & broadcaster Leo Green leads us through the most loved songs in the Ella collection, focusing on these seminal albums which paid homage to the classic songwriters of the Golden age of the Great American Songbook.


Ella herself tells us about how she got her big break with Chick Webb and the early influence on her of Connie Boswell.


We'll enjoy the most celebrated duet recordings of all time that she made with the great Louis Armstrong as we hear the stories behind some of the greatest songs ever written such as Everytime We Say Goodbye, Manhatten, S'Wonderful and How Deep Is The Ocean.


Ella made her historic Song Book series between 1956 and 1964 and the 240 tracks will probably never be surpassed by any other recording artists.


Click HERE to listen to this show on the BBC i-Player