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Each week relax with Leo and enjoy very best music from the decade that had everything, including hits, rare gems and the stories behind the songs and the stars. 


The 1950s saw the birth of Rock ‘n’ Roll, giving us acts such as Buddy Holly, Little Richard, Fats Domino and of course, the boy from Tupelo – Elvis. Plus, the newly formed pop charts were full of the likes of Cliff Richard, Doris Day and Dean Martin to name a few.

Meanwhile the world of Rhythm & Blues was laying down the foundations for the history of soul music, with the likes of Sam Cooke, Jackie Wilson and The Drifters.

If that wasn’t enough, country music revelled in the genius of Hank Williams and Johnny Cash, while Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Dean Martin and Peggy Lee were selling millions of records for the newly formed Capitol records label.

As well as all this, Leo will of course address the really pressing important matters of the period…. Which 50s star also had a degree in skin care? Which multimillion selling 50s singer almost lost his finger in a bed spring factory? Which mega star thought they weren’t a very good singer and decided to study hairdressing, just in case the recording career didn’t take off? So many vital questions – come and join the fun!